Building a Starter Home


The Choice of Remodelling or Building

Cost is generally an important factor to people when they purchase a home, and young couples looking for their first house must weigh the cost...


Remodelling an Existing Home

The housing market is full of older homes, and they are often for sale as the owners are downsizing after their children have moved on....


Starting Over

Couples tend to get married and find the perfect starter home for their young family. They often move over the years as they need more...


Building a Dream House

Starting with an empty lot and building a dream home is very attractive to many people, and young couples often see it as an opportunity...


An Alternative Building

The need for recycling and reusing old materials has become an important part of modern life, and it has been applied to the housing industry...

Young couples today have found that the cost of buying their dream home is often out of reach, so many of them look for alternatives. There are those who are ready to buy a property that needs to be updated, and they are willing to invest time and money in projects to make their home a reality. Others have decided their best bet is to buy an empty lot and build a house. For them, it is a chance to get exactly what they want before moving in.

There are good reasons for buying a property with an existing building, and the same can be said for buying a lot without any buildings at all. Each of them gives new owners an opportunity to create the home of their dreams. Weighing the costs of construction against the cost of remodelling is often how buyers make their decision.